学生生活 & 服务



Student life at 费尔菲尔德大学 supports the 耶稣会 tradition of caring for the whole person by providing opportunities that engage students in meaningful activities designed for their living and learning experience. 遇见一生的朋友, 费尔菲尔德 provides a rich opportunity to grow as a whole person with the help of mentors, 教授和社区成员.

在这个充满活力的社区,有超过100个俱乐部和组织, 有无数的活动可供选择. 无论是参加校内体育活动, 百老汇之旅, 费尔菲尔德@Night事件, attending an athletic games or quintessential events like Red Sea Madness, 校友 & 家庭周末, Presidential Ball or Midnight Breakfast there is always something to do.

费尔菲尔德市中心, 哪家餐厅应有尽有, 商店, 和剧院, 只有五分钟的车程吗. 如果你喜欢冒险的话, bike to the beach to catch a sunset or take a quick train ride from our 费尔菲尔德 station to explore all that New York City has to offer. Make room on your calendars now because at 费尔菲尔德- there is never a dull moment.


我代表学生生活部, 欢迎你来到费尔菲尔德大学社区. 无论你即将开始你的第一个学期还是最后一个学期, 雄鹿村真高兴你能来. 费尔菲尔德大学 is a great institution and a very special place—a place that will help you discover your passions, develop life-long friends and challenge you to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

你的学生生活副主席, I want you to know there are many individuals within the division whose work is to help you succeed within our community. 十大正规网赌软件的目标很简单: We help students discover how to live meaningful and purposeful lives in connection with mind, 为大局着想. 十大正规网赌软件对学生的需求感兴趣, 幸福, 然后十大正规网赌软件创建程序, offer experiences and provide services that enhance your educational experience.

你有机会在费尔菲尔德大学定义自己! 十大正规网赌软件将在这个过程中陪伴你们,并提供支持. 我期待着你在费尔菲尔德大学取得成功.



总机号码:(203)254-4000分机. 3425


The 教务处 serves as a central resource to connect students with university and community resources in support of their educational experience. 与大学社区的其他成员一起, 十大正规网赌软件的办公室努力建立鼓励安全的社区标准, 尊重, 健康的, 包容的氛围, 开放的沟通, 以价值为基础的决策, 道德行为, 领导, 和弹性.


费尔菲尔德的校园提供了宁静的美丽, while its 36 modern buildings provide state-of-the-art technology and the resources you'll need to complement your classroom experience. Our 200 acres feature multiple athletic fields and housing options from traditional residence halls to apartments to townhouses.


The Office of 学生参与 (OSE) is the main resource for international students at 费尔菲尔德大学. The OSE provides personal advising involving information on medical health insurance, 校园生活, 以及适应美国的学生生活.


Some of our traditions are rooted in religion and reflection while others give us a chance to celebrate our accomplishments. 还有很多只是单纯的乐趣! These yearly events bring our community together and truly become the heartbeat of our 费尔菲尔德 Community.


The 学生手册 contains many of the policies and procedures for students at 费尔菲尔德大学. 除了, 这本手册里有费尔菲尔德的历史信息, 任务, 和文化, as well as a number of the services and resources which are available to students. The policies contained in this handbook are applicable to all students - under研究生, 研究生, 费尔菲尔德大学兼职, and students are responsible for being aware of these policies and following them accordingly.

健康 & 健康

费尔菲尔德大学 & 对学生来说,健康包括三个关键方面 & 娱乐、咨询 & 心理服务和健康中心.


The 费尔菲尔德 campus is a lot of things: a place to live, learn, and make your own. 这也是一个非常安全的环境. The function of the 费尔菲尔德大学 Department of 公共安全 is to ensure that the entire university community stays as free as possible from crime, 在追求学术成就的同时. 警察阻止, investigate and report any violations of State or Federal Law and/or University regulations on campus.


由康涅狄格州认证的消防马歇尔负责, the Environmental 健康 and Safety Office provides professional advice to campus departments on all aspects of health, 生命和消防安全.


The Office of 学生的多样性 and Multicultural Affairs seeks to develop and implement programs and services that will increase the engagement of students in activities that promote and foster an inclusive living and learning community.

Students will obtain a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity, 多元文化主义, and social justice through participation and celebration in a variety of activities.


The Office of 学生参与 seeks to underscore the development of the whole person, and particularly assist students in their transition and exploration at 费尔菲尔德大学. 学生参与使学生能够一起工作,建立社区, 领导伦理, 价值差异. 通过部门间合作, 特别是在学术事务和学生生活之间, 学生参与 connects students to curricular and co-curricular experiences that empower civic responsibility and personal growth.

校友 & 家庭周末

费尔菲尔德 has pulled together a unique schedule that offers alumni chances to network and reconnect, 在校学生有时间与父母分享他们的经历, and for everyone to gather to celebrate 费尔菲尔德’s proud past and our amazing future.

自己来看看吧. 重新连接. 享受. 网络. 体验费尔菲尔德的传统和校园的转变. 不要错过今年的校友 & 家庭周末!


服务于求知欲强和永远好奇的人, the 快速 Center provides a home for the exploration of remarkable and inspiring performing arts opportunities for the community at large.


The 费尔菲尔德大学艺术博物馆 offers meaningful opportunities for first-hand experience of original works of art and their unique historical resonance. We foster appreciation of the visual arts; cultivate cultural literacy and critical engagement; conserve, 研究, and impart knowledge about the collection in accordance with best scholarly and museum practices; and champion human creativity of all cultures and time periods.